"Finding Purpose: A Brookwood Story" documentary by Chispa House
storyboards, design, and animation by Megan Toenyes
"Finding Purpose: A Brookwood Story" tells the inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome significant challenges to achieve their dreams. It showcases their incredible determination and resilience, and it is a testament to the power of the human spirit.
Chispa House reached out to me in November 2022 to see if I could help them animate three scenes to support the stories told by one of their interviewees. Their budget was tight and the timeline was short, but I was able to create a schedule to make almost 3 minutes of animation to narrated voice over in just 6 weeks. (My process breakdown will be added to this website page soon!)
The animated scenes I was tasked with creating were to illustrate the positive impact Yvonne Streit had on two special individuals. 
This scene^ is about the first communication Yvonne had with her severely physically disabled daughter.
The second two scenes are about Yvonne's experience working with a troubled little boy named Tracy. 
Thanks to her positive impact on his life, Woody (Woodrow Tracy) Harrelson went on to become one of the most successful and well known actors in Hollywood.
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