A B O U T   M E G A N
Megan most frequently wears the labels “motion designer”, “video editor”, and “art director", but her artistic work is a culmination of years spent embarking on curious adventures in makeup humor, performance ice carving, surreal photography/design, poodle illustration, project coordination, filmmaking and more.
Toenyes, pronounced without the "o" ala "Ten-yes", lives inside of a delirious computer located in Missoula, MT but frequently glitches through Los Angeles, CA and the whole World Wide Web. She's an ambitious jackalope of all things digital media and a mad machine of content creation, bringing a unique flare of visual artistry to every commercial or personal project she works on.
For questions, comments, and inquiries about commissioning Megan for your next project please email: askmeganirene@gmail.com

Bringing rhythm to the chaos since 1991.

Megan graduated with a B.F.A in "Integrated Digital Media" from the University of Montana in 2013. After brief stints ice carving in California (not kidding) and slinging cocktails to the good people of Portland, Oregon, she returned to the last best place. 
In Missoula, Montana she worked for Internet Guy, Hank Green, nerding out over awesome things and creating animations and designs in-house for SciShow and SciShow Kids. She spent over 2 crucial years there, falling in love with the internet and learning how to successfully produce her own videos to YouTube. After SciShow she went on to produce her own comedy/makeup show through Ripple Entertainment's "Snarled Network" called "Makeup Your Mood" in 2017. The show performed well on Snarled's sister channel "Hissyfit" so the company commissioned two more shows from Megan for the main Snarled channel called "Death Happens" (a funny yet informative show about death.) and "Monster Brain" (an art-therapy inspired illustration series) as well as vlogs, and a live draw-along series. 
After working for Ripple Entertainment, Megan went on to create a freelancing business as an art director, motion designer and video editor in 2018. As a freelancer she's expanded her professional portfolio with design and video related work for a variety of clients such as GIPHY, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Hank Green, Complexly, Peter Jones Productions, Anna Akana, Lydia Loveless, Skybound, Freddie Prinze Jr., and more!
Today Megan is still enjoying the dynamic lifestyle of being a freelancer and recently took time to further her animation education from The School of Motion where she received two advanced animation certificates (Advanced Expressions in After Effects and Advanced 2D Animation). She continues to skew her career towards film/tv/entertainment and is even working on co-producing her own documentary short called "Summit Pups" about her friend Gus and his dog-hiking business. 
Whenever she isn't working on a video or art project, she can be found jogging by the Clark Fork River with her giant schnoodle named Guy, or sharing a deep conversation and burrito on a road trip with her partner of 13 years, Andrew. 
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